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Here we are launching a global platform to revolutionize, the view of humanity in terms of housing.

Having a home, a roof over our head is a basic need and it is a human right and not a commodity. Buildings are essential for everyone.

Buildings effect: Global warming, air pollution, water scarcity. (Cement Industry: 2,2 Billion Tonnes  CO2 Emissions/Year; Energy Consumption: 32%; Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions: 19%.)

On our platform you learn about the impact of living on health, environment and how to save money with natural living. We achieve the essential change of mindset for the majority leading to efficiency improvement in behavior.

This movement needs successful and educated people – like you. As one community we will save our world together. As one ambitious team we will cover all backgrounds needed best to achieve our goal.

Join us!

Every member of our – Live Well Community – gets a fair share.
Together we show the world that just living in natural homes saves humanity, is healthier, makes our lives better & costs us less in the long term.

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Our Message for YOU

We – bio-coop.orga cooperative organization – are developing a global web-platform providing information & a lively (leiwli) marketplace & easy to use tools – all for free – to help you live in natural rooms – live healthier in harmony with nature and to save money. We create long-term value for you and your children.

What do you think of this principle of sustainability in general?

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